Movie Review: Golmaal 4 will make Amol Palekar sore

To survive in a family one needs to often make compromises and adjustments. Today, for sake of my kids laughter and wife Trisha’s timepass, I sacrificed four hours of my life in Golmaal 4, waiting every minute for the ABCD (Aatma, Bhoot, Chudail, Daayan) level script to either uplift to a plot or end my ordeal.

The Golmaal franchise has degraded with every sequel and the current installment survives only on handful of funny sequences – primarily featuring  the best comedian of our generation, Johnny Lever, talented Shreyas Talpade, beautiful shots of Ooty and some creative one liners.

‘Jamunadas ka nand laala’ sequences and the spirit chasing chants being highlights in the creative one liners department. During the climax you spot a dozen plus actors hamming – most of them out of work, their identities surviving on Golmaal sequels. Sanjay Mishra, easily busiest of the lot, is wasted here aping Shatrughan Sinha. The others wasting the viewers time either remixing 1990s songs or aping 1990s stars Nana Patekar and Sanjay Dutt. 

Horror comedy is rarity in Bollywood, only Go Goa Gone being the other movie made in this genre. 2017 has seen some delicious comedies in Shubh Mangal Saavdhan and Bareilly ki Barfi. Golmaal 4 isn’t a patch on either. No Rohit Shetty trademark action to be seen either. I was left with peeping at my laughing kids, crawling watch time and missing my friends Ananya and Anshu Gupta with whom we were to tour Coorg / Ooty a month ago; but couldn’t make to the heavenly lush green valleys. 

Rating: 1.5/5 (Go only if your definition of laughter is people slapping each other and falling over each other )

Amol Palekar and the late Utpal Dutt’s classic didn’t deserve this defamation. The movie at best will only provide comic relief to audiences who are deprived of quality humour. Else there is nothing to admire as the franchise’s quality looks as dark and cracked as Devgan’s lower lip. Only Johnny Lever’s credibility stays intact.

9 thoughts on “Movie Review: Golmaal 4 will make Amol Palekar sore

  1. I agree with most of your review…however while there has been a large course correction in Indian movie consumer’s tastes…movies like Golmaal 4 will continue to sell…it should make around or more than 175 crores which doesn’t do justice to it as a movie but will come as a relief to theatres that are bleeding…and I agree with you Ooty looked gorgeous in this movie…but coming back to a point I made earlier I’ll take Rohit Shetty and Golmaal any day over the kind of stuff that used to mint money five years ago like Rowdy Rathore which was as big an assault on our senses that there can be…

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    1. Both types only meant for certain audience though agree comedy is toughest emotion to generate (its massively tough to make a person laugh than make him / her cry or angry or etc etc) and at the least such movies are giving relief to certain audiences incl my family

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      1. You are a movie enthusiast yourself which is an advantage in what you show your children…I hadn’t seen a David Dhawan movie till j was 14 and that too because Biwi No.1 had come out at that time…later I saw many of his earlier movies…I think people tend to underestimate that genre but that’s what children like to watch…even today a good David Dhawan will give me as much fun as it would have when I was younger and that’s why this genre has lasted for so long…yes Rohit Shetty and Anees Bazmee are good in there own way but David Dhawan is the king in this genre…and you must show your kids some of his vintage comic work…

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      2. Am was and is a big fan of DD and Govinda movies. That’s only pair I direly miss. Govindas top 7-8 movies I would have seen them all 7-8 times by now. Snooty people who mocked his loud dressing were wearing red pants and yellow shirts to discs and pubs after turn of the century. Govinda and DD were natural and tbeir movies were on your face no candy floss no designer dresses.

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  2. The tastes you pick up right at the start eventually define you for the rest of your life…I started watching movies on my own choice at 14…There was David Dhawan on the one hand and there was Subhash Ghai, Yash Chopra, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Vidhu Vinod Chopra and such stalwarts on the other operating at the same time…the question is when you are impressionable and there is no internet and so on, people around you will tell you how watching a kind of movie is more classy than b kind of movie…luckily those days have changed…for example if a certain class of people want us to believe then Secret Superstar has got more footfalls than Golmaal 4 which is far from the truth and as you wrote to me on my SS blog you won’t show such a movie to your children…that’s what ppl fail to grasp not just with movies but with anything…

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