Pep Talk 4: List of ManCity bad refereeing decisions 2017-18

I tell you, one key match when ManCity get a referee decision in their favour, critics will storm out accusing the Blue half of Manchester for favouritism. It happens to all great sides and managers. Sir Alex Ferguson was often accused of bullying referees and launching the ‘Fergie time’ at will; Vicente Del Bosque’s (and even Zinedine Zidane’s) Real Madrid have been accused of getting favours; and Pep Guardiola’s  incomparable achievements (in such short span) has often been brushed off as gifts from referees. Jose Mourinho, the sore loser, had once said that the Catalan should be ‘ashamed’ of his winning credentials. More of such talk will happen as long as Guardiola’s current club, Manchester City, go on giving football education to all Premier League opponents.

Great teams, managers and players are always perceived to be getting a helping hand from external factors.  That is the only way, they can be pulled down and discredited, by critics. Hence, I thought it’s a good time to prepare a running Balance Sheet (which will be updated after every other game), to show-case whether #SharkTeam are being favoured or denied everytime match officials give a bad decision.


Refereeing Blunders which cost ManCity season 2015-2016

Truth be told, Manchester City have been getting, league table impacting rough decisions, for long. They are an upcoming club and till they become a giant (at par with FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United or Bayern Munich in stature), this trend will continue. It’s statistically proven that small teams suffer at hands of match officials, more than big teams. In season 2014-15, Jose Mourinho had charged that “referees have a conspiracy against (his) Chelsea’, data proved right the opposite, as Chelsea were handed few favours en route to winning the title. The same data also showcased that ‘Fergie Time’ was just as much a myth, as Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal were found often getting more injury time at home when trailing games. Back to the blue half and it did get established that Manchester City’s 2015-16 season was indeed marred by a string of bad decisions.

Refereeing Blunders which cost ManCity season 2016-2017


Pep Guardiola’s first season with the Sky Blues went even worse. Their 2016-2017 league charge was often halted by referees – starting with the ‘title impacting’ fixture, early Dec 2016, against Chelsea where David Luiz should have sent off at the half-hour mark. Referee Anthony Taylor had his mouth on his whistle and then looked to reach into his pocket – but instead, ruled play on. Speaking on Sky Sports, former Manchester United star Gary Neville said that Taylor “froze”. There were so many bad decisions given during key games vs Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham that it gets embarrassing – even opposition players have admitted that their team got lucky against City. The entire season, Pep stayed shocked, as to how his team playing with majority ball possession were getting more yellow and red cards than the opposition – who were mostly defending.


Pep was robbed in 2009 too!

Guardiola’s critics will and always point to a 2009 Champions League encounter vs Chelsea at Stamford Bridge where, backed by the strong London media, they claim Chelsea were denied four penalties. What has got conveniently forgotten are the decisions that went against FC Barcelona in both legs of the same tie vs the same opponent. Since Pep or FC Barcelona don’t possess the culture to whine about referees, it never got highlighted. Truth, you can see in these links is that Barcelona got robbed in that tie much before Chelsea got robbed. Karma!


ManCity’s Balance Sheet 2017-18

So before short-term memory loss affects critics again, its good to list all key decisions, this season, that have gone for or against Manchester City in competitions at England. In this list, I will not be covering penalties given, as, starting this season, there is a post-match review committee who have the power to hand suspensions to players suspected of diving or simulating. Last month #SharkTeam midfielder Bernardo Silva got a clean chit from this committee after City were granted a penalty kick when Silva was brought down by a Burnley player. Hence, if the said committee doesn’t find anyone guilty, no point us speculating over it. We will cover penalty denied cases though.

So here’s the Balance Sheet of bad refereeing decisions that have gone ‘for’ or ‘against’ Manchester City season 2017-18 in UK.

‘For’ Manchester City

1. Vs Watford – On the 38th min Gabriel Jesus is clearly in an offside position from where he scores to make it 3-0. Linesman fails to spot as City ease to 6-0 win.

2. Vs Arsenal – David Silva was in offside position but ruled not offside. Silva isn’t the scorer here, he passes the ball to Jesus who taps home while the Gunners defenders were caught napping. City who were leading 2-1 and on the attack, went 3-1 up, in the 74th minute.


3. Vs Leicester – In the 3rd min Vardy was through on goal when Vincent Kompany fouled him. There was no way Stones could have stopped had Vardy gone past, hence being the last man, Kompany should have seen red. The referee showed him yellow which was more due to the game being in early stages.

4. Vs Watford – Pereyra is fouled by Otamendi on the 92nd minute inside the penalty box and should have been a penalty for Watford. Not given. The scoreline was 3-1 to ManCity then.

5. Vs West Bromwich Albion – Fernandinho stamps on an opposition player and should have seen a red card. The Brazilian goes on to score City’s first goal in a resounding 3-0 win.

(Updated 12Feb2018)


‘Against’ Manchester City

  1. Vs Brighton – At 69th min, Ben Dunk clearly diverts the ball with his hand (goal-bound shot from Kevin De Bruyne) but the referee doesn’t give a penalty.
  2. Vs Everton – Kyle Walker sent off in the first half with Everton leading 1-0. I will let Manchester United legend Gary Neville’s analysis do the talking!
  3. Vs Bournemouth – Steven Cook makes a flying tackle on Gabriel Jesus. Straight red it should have been but EPL referees, instructed by FA not to let game flow break much for sake of television moolah, meekly see the player limp and get subbed off. Referee with no powers or no sense of judgement forgets to even give a yellow.
  4. Vs Bournemouth – Nathan Ake was given a yellow card for a challenge on the 25th min which should have seen red. Commentary “The defender fouls Gabriel Jesus who looked to have a clear run on goal. Ake gets away with a booking but he could have easily seen a red. Replays sw he was the last man.”
  5. vs Bournemouth – Raheem Sterling gets second yellow (red card) for celebrating with fans and referee Mike Dean is roundly criticized.
  6. vs Arsenal – Clear penalty denied to Raheem Sterling for a challenge from behind by Sead Kolasnic. While Arsene Wenger acted sore loser charging Sterling a diver – he forgot there is a post-match review committee to address such issues. Amidst the whining, it was conveniently forgotten by fans, that Sterling should have got a penalty very early in the same match.


6. vs Tottenham – Dele Alli fouls Kevin De Bruyne which should have seen straight red as per pundits.

7. vs Tottenham – Harry Kane in the same match fouls Raheem Sterling which should have seen straight red but no card is shown.

8. vs Leicester – Wrong penalty given to Leicester at 90th min after Demarai Gray falls over with minimum contact from Kyle Walker. The Carabao Cup knockout match goes to extra time and City have to huff and puff to a win in penalty shootout what looked like an easy win at the 89th min.

9. vs Newcastle – Jacob Murphy horrible tackle on Ilkay Gundogan doesn’t see any red card. You see the picture and judge for yourself.

10. vs Crystal Palace – Same story again. Jason Puncheon horrible tackle on Kevin De Bruyne doesn’t see any card forget red. The Belgian is stretchered off. As Karma would have it, Puncheon got seriously injured himself doing his act.

11. vs Crystal Palace – A soft nudge by Sterling sees Crystal Palace being awarded an extremely soft gift penalty kick.

12. vs Cardiff City – A brilliant run & goal by Bernardo Silva is disallowed as Leroy Sane is deemed offside and in line of sight of the goalkeeper. The commentators disagreed on both counts right away as the matter got forgotten under yet another Manchester City rollicking win.

13. vs Cardiff City – At stroke of half time, Leroy Sane is hacked from behind which the commentators say, multiple times, should have resulted in a straight red to defender Joe Bennet. Referee brandishes yellow card unaware that Bennet was last man , for Sane, through on goal. Sane gets injured for a month as viewers wonder if the referee and linesmen were good enough to manage a game at this level.

14. Vs West Bromwich Albion – Matt Philips makes a rash high footed challenge on Brahim Diaz which should have got straight red carded. The commentator agrees.


15. Vs Leicester City – Marc Albrighton body checks Sterling inside the penalty box. Clear penalty not given in the 50th minute of the game. City leading 3-1 then went on to win 5-1.

(Updated 12Feb2018)

Ps: If you know of any key on-field decision that should have gone for or against Manchester City this season in an English competition. and not listed here, please feel free to put in the comments section and we will review it for potential inclusion.

15 thoughts on “Pep Talk 4: List of ManCity bad refereeing decisions 2017-18

  1. My sense about this particular piece you have written is that there isn’t enough history about Man City to draw a conclusion about referees behaviour, but then you see more of their games than I do. Of the decisions you are talking about, the only one I recall watching is the Kyle Walker sending off and is what quite preposterous. At the same time when you talk about the Raheem Sterling red card for celebrating, it is equally worth contemplating if the game should have been played as deep into injury time as it was.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes there was 5min injury time given but BOU did a substitution in the 94th min which made the referee add 2mins more. The goal came in 96.5 min and celebrations and red card took the next four mins. Hence referee needed to extend by another 30 secs on restart to complete his 5+2 mins.

      True this is more to put up a balance sheet and update every other game and have fair assessment end of season.


  2. This will eventually become a point of debate only when Man City start winning titles consistently…Juventus and Man Utd have benefitted but ppl spoke about it only because they were successful. But as far as I can see if City can maintain their current tempo they wont need refereeing help to win the league…

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  3. Boi Aguero was diving in that match go back and see for yourself luiz stood his ground idiot was trying to fool referee and get player sent off. 2009 was simple robbery dont what were you watching. Good luck with your stupid articles.

    You need bring head back out of pep’s thing. Pep’s aggressive pressing style is simple fouling which referees refuse to give fouls or cards


    1. 😂 all I have compiled is video links and match reports where experts have pointed out to the facts. And I saw the MCI ARS match replay multiple times and don’t recall Aguero falling ever. Do tell me the exact minute when you think he fell or dive and we will review!


  4. Brilliant review! This needed to be done tbh… Also, there was a foul on some Man City player in opposition box when they were playing United at Old Trafford… Sorry but I don’t remember what player was fouled or any such details.
    However, if I am not wrong, it was a set piece (corner or free kick) and also was in first half I guess.. Player was pushed by United player in the box, and a penalty should have been given there (at least in my opinion) though nothing was given.

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