Pep Talk 11: How Pep Guardiola hacked the Premier League / Video

Did you know that in Pep Guardiola’s vision he divides the football field into four by three lanes? And no more than three players can be in a horizontal lane at a time? And that Pep rates Gabriel Jesus’s high pressing as the best in the world? Well, here’s a video which details how Pep has massacred the much vaunted Premier League. My personal satisfaction is from the fact the same critics (read: English media, experts & pundits) who wrote off the best manager in the game for half a decade, before he had even landed at the United Kingdom, are now singing hymns and paeans. No player or manager has ever been so blatantly written off, ridiculed; or his achievements degraded and discredited as much as the EPL eco-system had done to Pep Guardiola. And guess what, the payback time has just started! Enjoy the video….

.. and mock at that question ‘Can he do it in a cold wet night at Stoke?’ and then relax and think again… ‘Hey, Sir Alex Ferguson could not do it in a cold wet night at Bilbao’?

Credits: Syed Mujahid from Hyderabad, India … for digging out and sharing this gem. Credits: COPA90 for compiling the video.


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