Story of announcing a vacation

So last week I have been trying to answer most questions in office with ‘Oh, because next week am on a holiday’

That was my planned way of announcing the big upcoming vacation.

So when anyone asked me “You are very busy.”, I would only reply back “Oh that’s because am on holiday next week”.

Next day somebody complimented “Nice shirt”. My reply didn’t lose focus. “Yeah wearing my best office wear this week, before my holiday starts next week”

One lady asked “Going for lunch where?” – in typical Singaporean English, popularly called here as Singlish. I replied “Either Indian or Malay spicy food. Next week am on holiday where food would be bland, so having spicy cuisine this week”

Inevitably the discussion would meander to the following set of questions .. What? When? Where?

This was precisely the conversation zone I wanted to drag them towards.


That one word is enough to send exclamations flying. “So lucky!”, “Whaaat!”, “Wow!”.

I bet, had I told ‘Sri Lanka’ or ‘Indonesia’ or equally enchanting ‘China’ – the interest levels of the topic would have drastically dipped. That’s society for you!

“Where all in Europe?”

In typical ‘have been there, done that many times’ attitude, I would reply “Many places.. Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Holland.. so on and so forth.”

The last part of the sentence is pure gas. There is no ‘so on and so forth’. We are just touching five destinations within the list of countries mentioned. But ‘so on and so forth’ and ‘etcetera, etcetera’ is always a stylish way of exaggerating things. Making it look bigger than what it is!

“Oh, you must visit the Louvre

“Are you guys doing a wine tasting tour”

“Take your kids to the Keukenhof gardens”

“The weather must be lovely there”

“Your family is so lucky”

The exclamations just keep coming. And coming. As the conversation would move towards how long have I been planning for this dream trip – booking multiple tickets, hotels, charting a path factoring weather, prices, discounts, deals, comfort, value for money, vegetarian food, seek to see the best of Europe etc etc.

And around that time, the discussion would be close to reaching its end. It’s office time after all. My time to do the final act. The minute for which I planned the entire conversation above. It’s that time. Before the chat ends, I must make the move.

So I just tap the person. Then put my hands on waist, and with that Amitabh Bachchan 1970s attitude, give away one last time.

“And by the way, this isn’t a family trip, the kids have school”

“Oh yeah, schools are on this week. Then?”

“It’s a bachelor trip.”


#PAJAMAParty is

P = Pungliya Dilip

A = Avinash Nayak

J = Jhunjhunwala Neeraj

A = Avijit Das Patnaik

M = Manoj Burad

A = Adarsh Kansal.

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