Movie Review: Jurassic World is high on shock factor, Fallen Kingdom on plot and connect

Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom starts with an edge of the seat scary scene, keeps the interest and fear factor high till about half time. The plot then thins and drags a bit before the well setup auction scene and little girl thrilling chase sequence builds up to a decent climax.

The Plot

The story goes that eleven species of dinosaurs in Isla Nebula (An island 120 miles off Costa Rica) are threatened by volcanic eruption. To save from extinction, a team of experts are hired to help the dinosaurs escape. But animal traffickers re-route them, capture and auction them to heads of states. The buyers have this idea of using dinosaurs as weaponry during future wars.

Visually Appealing

As usual, the movie is a visually appealing with breathtaking views of Isla Nebula and the Lockwood Estate. The latter location turns out to be the den where animal traffickers keep the giant reptiles captured. Universal pictures do a good job in keeping the franchise kicking however ‘Fallen Kingdom‘ falls short of the standards set by the previous three instalments.

Flawed Name

The name ‘Fallen Kingdom‘ itself is a flaw cause by the end of the movie, director J A Bayona gives the message that dinosaurs would now need to co-exist with humans and animals on earth. To be used as weapons of war or stationed in zoos. When you surf on ocean, the next time, you could encounter a dinosaur. It meant the new world order would now have to be a Jurassic World! So wouldn’t that make it a new rising kingdom, than Fallen Kingdom?


Amongst the performers, Chris Pratt soars easily above an ordinary cast. It’s the movie’s biggest flaw that aside Pratt’s character, none of the others perform well enough to connect to the audience. The villains aren’t menacing and the good people never earn your sympathy. The only scene, where you feel bad for someone is when the ship sails off leaving behind a Camarasaurus (herbivorous dinosaur) to die, amidst volcanic lava and smoke. The loud painful shrieks and the reptile’s struggle to avoid the smoke, is a very well shot sequence.

Fear factor

Very high. My eight year old son grabbed my hand so tight during some scenes, that his nail marks came onto my arms. The entire hall did get startling moments and let out shrieks often. What’s unfortunate is that the movie doesn’t use the plot to build on the fear element and instead rides more on shock factors. A dinosaur in a house roaming slowly can give more creeps than one of them randomly rising from water, with no reason.

Rating: 3.5/5 (One time definite watch)

IMDB Readers rating: 6.8/10

Watched At

WalterMart Cinemas, Manila, took us to the 1980s style movie theatres. Back to the ‘dinosaur’ era when you passed a movie hall and decided on the spot to watch it – as long as you don’t find the ‘House Full’ board sign on! Queue for ticket purchase, free seating, no push to buy expensive pop corn, allow patrons to take whatever food they want, no ads and ten plus trailers before the movie!

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