Food: Legazpi Sunday Market (Manila) in pictures

A trip to Manila is incomplete without a visit to the traditional Legazpi Sunday Market. Various home cooked cuisines, hand made dolls, slippers to cheap priced boxer shorts .. it’s all laid out there. You have everything that you need to take home to laze on a Sunday. I tried to capture this buzzing (and yet relaxed) place through my mobile camera. This weekly morning market is open only from 7am to 2pm, in the heart of Makati area, and designed to cater to all Sunday followers returning from the church mass. Lately it has been popular with tourists too.

Hand made slippers with surface to counter corns in feet

Stalls warming up before the crowds swarm in

Pork Sausages .. pork is the most popular and widely available meat all over Philippines.

Corn on the grill!

Burger patty … you guessed it .. beef and pork!

Designer cutlery

Crowds swarming in after completing the Sunday mass prayers.

Yummy Turkish kofte

Filipina style scallops curry


Lots of crowds and colours !

Mangosteen and other unique fruits

Freshly extracted jackfruit pulps

Adequate free seating tables for groups to laze and eat entire Sunday noon.

Boiled peanuts wrapped in leaves

The most unique stall .. Moroccan vegan food

Lebanese baklava and pita breads.

Cheap boxers .. for large waist people .. to wear and relax entire Sunday noon.

Thank you.

Do visit Philippines…. a country filled with lovely people, recommended destination for cheap shopping, bachelor trips (Yes, you can get trips arranged where ladies accompany you for week long tours, acting as all purpose guide and more!) and to see the world’s most beautiful islands ..the Palawan Islands!

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