Food: Six ‘not-so-obvious’ must try dishes at Jalan Alor food street Kuala Lumpur

The Jalan Alor food street (in Bukit Bintang area) is one of the must go places at Kuala Lumpur – currently ranked 7th most visited city in the world. The food street operates only post-sunset and is teeming with people till 4 am, even on weekdays. I list down the not-so-obvious foods you must try in this food street. While this zone isn’t really for pure vegetarians, you would be surprised at the green options you get to eat there.

Midnight food walk starts at Jalan Alor street – the crowds are right inside!
1. The four beans mix vegetable (with sambal or belachan) is a great green option to eat. While sambal or belachan are made of prawn and/or fish paste, with a mix of four different types of fresh beans, you get crunchy bites, healthy feeling and spicy taste. Available in most of the outlets there.
2. The lotus root in light spicy Sichuan pepper fry is must for people who desire pure vegetarian and can’t handle medium spice. If you haven’t tried Lotus root, you must, today. Have this as Kedai Minuman & Makanan TKS restaurant along with Sichuan grilled fish!
3. The potato fry mix in spicy Sichuan is another delightful dish. If instructed they can mix chicken shreds (keema) with it too. Have this as Kedai Minuman & Makanan TKS restaurant along with Sichuan grilled fish!
We tried the four bean mix dish in another restaurant, another day and it didn’t fail us. You get crunchy bites, healthy feeling and spicy taste.
4. The Sambal Petai beans is a unique Peranakan food dish slowly becoming extinct. Petai beans are also called stinky beans and while they have admirable nutrition properties, it’s not marketed adequately. You will either love Petai beans or hate. there is no mid-route. We love it. Try it at Wong Ah Wah restaurant.
5. The Fish Head Noodle Soup (Tom Yam flavour) is one of the best complete meal dishes you can think of. At 8MYR = 2.7SGD = 2 USD you can’t think of a tastier and healthier meal with enough fish pieces, vegetables and noodle content worth filling your stomach. Try this at Restaurant Gou Lou.
Seafood is must at Jalan Alor. Do take care of the prices, they tend to bluff and randomly modify seafood amounts in the final bill. Do reconcile the final bill always.
6. The ice cream cart at the centre of the Jalan Alor street sells ice-creams in unique bulb like shapes. The guy sells pure fruits flavours and keeps it as natural as possible. It’s a must eat.
Since my guide is about food at Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, I must add my favourite budget restaurant there is a Pakistani place called Bar B Q Tonight at Weld Mall. A heavy ala-carte meal for four with dessert barely costs 90 MYR = 30 SGD = 24 USD. This is a proper restaurant with buffet options also. Ala-carte sample above – clockwise from top: Rogani Naan, Fish curry (can avoid for Kadhai Chicken), Reshmi Kebab (must must have), Lamb keema (must must have) and Sarson da Saag (mustard leaves curry – must must have). Don’t forget to thank me later.
Eat Eat Eat! Jalan Alor at night 1 am!

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