Book Launch: The Pep Guardiola Centurions – Against all odds

I completed my first month of unemployment (or forced early retirement, depending on the unknown) ever, by adding a new hobby to my armoury. Guided by few friends, I have authored my first book which is now available on Kindle (e-version as well as the paperback version) for purchase. I plan to extend this hobby to a minimum of three books irrespective of sales or sustainability numbers.

‘The Pep Guardiola Centurions – Against all odds’ is an 80 page collection of all the notes I scribbled during English Premier League Football Season 2017-18; in anticipation of a historic season never before seen in England.

The Paperback edition can be purchased here:

The Kindle e-version can be purchased here:

Brief about the book:

The Pep Guardiola obsession in me convinced at start of the Premier League season 2017-18 that this was going to be the start of a glittering phase where football fans around the world would be wowed by this Manchester City team for years. This book collates all the notes I scribbled during the season – the dozen odd red card worthy decisions that weren’t given to City’s opponents; the collapse at Anfield,twice; the frequent injuries; and yet the beautiful football; the breathtaking demolitions; the bullying of opposition to submission; the role of the best owners in the sport; and the Guardiola obsessions.

A big thank you to all my friends who have been my absolute pillar of support during the toughest months of my life. Special thanks to the following Manchester City Facebook forums, the members of which have always encouraged my views about their team.

– Facebook Manchester City Supporters Club

– Manchester City Loyalists

– Manchester City World Cityzens

– Manchester City One Love One Life One Club


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