Movie Review: One helluva unpredictable ride, Just buy your ticket Andhadhun!

Sriram Raghavan’s movies have always guaranteed minimum quality standards. The ace director who gave us epics like Ek Hasina Thi, Johnny Gaddar and Badlapur, can always be entrusted with your ticket price – more so if you are a fan of the ‘whodunnit thriller genre – a domain which Bollywood seldom explores in depth. In Ayushmann Khurana, Tabu and Radhika Apte, you have layers of premium quality, over and above what the makers guarantee. My family was eagerly awaiting this week’s release and booked the tickets in advance ..  Andhadhun.


Andhadhun being a psychological thriller, it is perhaps fair that I stay away from the story and its details. Hence I list out the reasons why you must watch, what to my knowledge is possibly, the best Bollywood flick of 2018.

  1. Performances Ayushmanntastic
  • The stellar cast delivers with strong performances as the script acts a perfect catalyst. Ayushmann after his exploits in Shubh Mangal Saavdhan & Bareilly Ki Barfi is fast growing to be a dependable and top performing commercial asset. He is top notch here, his best performance to date, starting with the scene where he mock plays a piano at a Subway outlet right till he mutters ‘the nation wants to know’. Watch Andhadhun for him.
  • 2. Blind ride

    Andhadhun soars in its unpredictability. You will struggle, the entire movie, to predict what it going to happen next and why. Seldom has any movie taken as much pride in the unknown. Will he run or stay? Will she kill or wait? Is he blind or not? You will literally feel a blinded person trying to predict your way out of this movie. Each character has been cast with care and purpose, but you can never guess their intention, or that who will get double crossed next.


    3. Tribute to Bollywood

    Sriram has this quirky habit of paying tribute to 1970s-80s Bollywood in his films … Johnny Gaddar was a tribute to the 1971 Bachchan starrer Parwana and in Andhadhun, he goes a step ahead. Anil Dhawan, the actor from the same era, is playing himself (star actor) – often sitting back, admiring posters and clippings of his 1970s hits. Then Tabu’s dark character is named Simi (Grewal of Karz) and once referred to as Lady Macbeth – ala Maqbool. These little nuggets bring their own nostalgia.

    4. Sexy film

    While a blind pianist involved in a murder case, would seem too dark a theme; Andhadhun has adequate shades of pink in it. Radhika Apte has never looked more hotter (although I wish she had more presence in the movie). Tabu’s cleavage has significant, and yet subtle, presence too. That both the leading ladies steal scenes, whenever they are incharge, adds a lot of purpose to your viewing experience. Andhadhun belongs as much to Tanu, as it is to Ayushmann.


    5. Always edge of the seat

    Do not compare Andhadhun with Ek Hasina Thi or Johnny Gaddar. This isn’t a perfect movie, neither has a perfect murder nor a perfect escape plan. The audience is at edge of their seats, entire movie guessing. Each of the characters, driving the story, are common people, so many things do go wrong and many right. You don’t know which ones! It’s unpredictability of the moving components that rules the roost. And the dark humour, best characterized by a scene where two culprits are trying to mop up a crime scene with mute instructions, as the blind pianist keeps playing the tunes. It’s so crazy that it’s a must watch,

    Rating: 4/5

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