Pep Talk 27: Silva, Silva & silver hair ensure Manchester United stay mid table

Manchester City 3-1 Manchester United

XIV Observations

1. Jose Mourinho, as expected, started with two attack minded players and parked nine others to defend the United citadel. On the 37th min Marcus Rashford ran on a counter, but soon got upset unable to find anyone to cross the ball.

2. Sir Alex Ferguson was at the Etihad Stadium. The Manchester United XI that took to the pitch today had majority players signed by him only. For all the money Jose splurged at United, only two of his purchased players started the game. Mauroane Fellaini was United’s player of the match. He was signed by David Moyes.

3. David Silva scored his fourth derby goal early today and along with Bernardo Silva looked unstoppable. The sky blues keeper Ederson had no shots to save in the first half.

4. At half time, the commentators said that Manchester United would be happy not to have allowed City to double their lead. It did sound like a scared mid table team playing out the leaders. United had only 29% possession (to City’s 71%) in the first half.

5. It was funny that the Arsenal – Wolves game was scheduled the same time as the derby. Premier League officials could have used commonsense and started that game 15mins late. That way, during half time, in either game, viewers could have switched on to the other game.

6. Sergio Aguero’s visit to the hair salon, prior to the game, to get a new silver look, proved lucky. He doubled City’s lead just after the break, beating De Gea from an acute angle, after a beautiful one-two with Riyad Mahrez. He now has eight derby goals, joint top with Wayne Rooney.

7. Romelu Lukaku was introduced soon after and without touching the ball he immediately impacted the game. For the second successive league game, Ederson’s first major touch of the game, resulted in a penalty kick for the opposition. It was another horrendous mistake from the Brazilian keeper, considering Lukaku was going nowhere! Honestly, I don’t recall Lukaku touching the ball, the entire game.

8. Ederson tried to make up with some delightful long balls to Leroy Sane on the left wing. The sort of crosses, that helped the sky blues keep possession of the ball around the Red Devil’s box.

9. One such phase of possession got Bernardo Silva to give an inch perfect pass to Ilkay Gundogan, who scored to make it a comfortable 3-1. The commentators irritating chants of (United) ‘comeback’ ended… it was time to go back!

10. Manchester City’s game management in the last twenty minutes was a lesson in football. The third goal was a result of 44 passes synchronised over close to two minutes.

11. Manchester United finished 19 points behind the #Centurions last season. This season after 12 games they are already 12 points behind. Jose Mourinho, often hyped up as Pep Guardiola’s biggest nemesis, has now only five wins (to eleven losses) over 22 games against the Catalan maestro.

12. Mourinho’s excuses for this loss was ‘tough away games to Bournemouth and Juventus’, leading up to this game. He harped on how much City were on the edge and that his defenders performed well etc. He probably forgot that United’s only shot on target was a gift penalty. And even 3-1 is not reflective of the amount ManCity dominated the game.

13. Manchester City go into the international break two points ahead of Liverpool, four points ahead of Chelsea and eight points ahead of Arsenal. Yes, yes, I know the ‘Harry Kane team’ is somewhere in the ‘qualify for European competition’ spots too.

14. Over to the international break, time to plan the (next) tough weekend without any football and pray that players from your favourite team(s) don’t get injured!

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