Movie Review: URI is high on josh, adrenaline and revenge

At the stroke of interval, Vicky Kaushal, charges his PARA Special Forces troops with a stirring speech. He ends it with ‘How’s the josh (energy)?’ .. ‘High Sir’… ‘I said how’s the josh?’… ‘HIGH SIR’…. ‘Jai Hind’ … ‘JAI HIND’. If your heartbeat doesn’t increase at this instant, hair isn’t standing tall and your adrenaline not pumping hard, there’s is something wrong with your basic connect with the ecosystem around you.

Must Watch

Not just that one scene. The movie chokes the audience during the funeral scene, pumps them up during every speech of Vicky and makes us all appreciate the country’s defence forces when we see them slithering like snakes in enemy territory at 2:45am; so that one plus billion citizens can sleep in peace. URI in short is a must watch. The hall in Singapore was packed, the audience clapped hard at the end and even though there was no ‘item number’ post the ending credits, the audience stayed to see the ‘surgical strike’ heroes have dinner with the Prime Minister.

Ticks all boxes

Director Aditya Dhar has ticked most of the boxes that make a serious revenge flick. URI is fast paced, non jingoistic, not a single scene makes fun of Pakistan or their establishment, there’s no soldiers wailing on ‘sandeshe aate hain’, no romantic angle, nor excess blood and gore. The movie sticks to the Indian government’s ‘zero tolerance’ theme and engages the viewer in an essential revenge mission that underlines the ‘New India’. It starts with eliminating naxalites of Nagaland & Manipur and ends with destroying eight stations in enemy territory where Pakistan’s Intelligence unit (ISI) were believed to be harbouring hundreds of terrorists. The action sequences feel real, the night shots with choppers flying over dense terrains are scary and at the end, you not only want victory, but also want every Indian soldier to return home alive.


The cast is well assembled and each player does his/her part with aplomb. Watch (the terrific) Vicky Kaushal’s eyes when he comes to know first time that the defence are preparing for a revenge mission; Or when he chokes during the funeral scene; Rajit Kapoor as Shri Narendra Modi; Paresh Rawal’s walk copying Ajit Doval; Swaroop Sampat (lovely to see her on screen) and Mansi Parekh even physically look like mother and daughter; Mohit Raina in his short but impactful role; Ruksar suddenly getting on top of the Pakistani official to slap him; Yami Gautam & Kirti Kulhari’s personal objectives in life and even Rakesh Bedi in one funny scene. Not once during the movie did I feel the need to check the time in my watch. Says enough?

Rating 4.5/5 (Averaged with friends)

Ps: Ignore the average ratings from major publications, had any star son been part of this movie, same reviewers would gone overboard praising it.

Salute to India’s defence forces, rated the fourth best in the world

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