Movie Review: Rakul answers to Bachchan’s De De Pyaar De cravings

Twenty-five years ago, Amitabh Bachchan begged for love in Prakash Mehra’s cult classic film Sharaabi, while dancing to the song De De Pyaar De. Cut to 2019 and Luv Ranjan-Avik Ali’s tribute to the song, a full blown two hour plus movie, has Rakul Preet Singh ready to shower love in excess. As striking a contrast, as can be. With DDPD, Luv Ranjan seems to have made up on his filmography or rather female-bash-ography (Pyaar Ka Punchnama, Sonu ki Titu etc) now..this time the lady is more than willing to do anything the man asks (and even doesn’t ask) for.

Rakul’s breakthrough movie

Rakul Preet Singh is the best thing to happen in DDPD. Not that she had any serious competition – the script barely has any funny lines, Ajay Devgn has one tired expression entire movie (How I wish Akshay Kumar, Riteish Deshmukh or even Arshad Warsi did that role), ravishing Tabu and crooked Jimmy Shergill (the ones who show some promise) are given little to play with; and sanskari Alok Nath blurting lines about responsibility made me squirm #MeToo. The only time the movie soars above the ordinary, briefly, is when Tabu and Rakul get into confrontation mode.

Don’t miss Rakul in her 60+ designer dresses

So for sure, it is Rakul, her smiles and her designer wardrobe that holds your visual senses through. Changing clothes every 45 seconds (in the first half), this poor (yes, poor!) damsel in distress is a bartender, stripper, ready to get drunk anytime, spend the night anywhere and feel nice about it the next morning, gal. Seriously, what are the chances of you finding one like her in real life? Lower than you featuring in the next Avengers sequel… ie: Nil. But illogical fantasy films (Tabu does a London return trip amidst her daughter’s marriage ceremony whilst all keep asking ‘kahaan gayi woh?’) and masala generated laughs do well amongst the Indian audience in the name of ‘entertainment’; so expect DDPD to enter some box office records hall of fame!

I left the movie hall feeling great about the first half. Every aged, middle-aged and not yet middle-aged man would crave for that life. A posh London apartment, a chauffeur driven car, large cushy beds, office meetings where you need not pay attention – and a Rakul Preet Singh in her hot pants eager to get inside each of them! Probably Luv Ranjan’s female bashing was still on, subtly. On the comedy part, I laughed a lot more watching the nonsensical Total Dhamaal.

Rating: 1.5/5 (extremely ordinary movie)

You know the reason why the first mark is given. The 0.5 is for two good messages that DDPD sends. 1) That divorce shouldn’t be treated as a taboo subject and the dependents, in question, need to handle it maturely. 2) Two people sleeping together for a night shouldn’t be treated as a taboo subject as one night together doesn’t increase love, just as a night away, doesn’t decrease love.


I returned home, Googled pictures of Rakul Preet Singh, listened to Bachchan’s De De Pyaar De song again and got back to my work.

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