Movie Review: John Wick 3 is a Violence-pedia free

Somewhere I read a movie review which suggested that John Wick: Chapter 3 -Parabellum‘s action sequences are at par with the Mission Impossible franchise. I entered the movie hall expecting a masterpiece action thriller.

Two hours and two hundred plus dead bodies later, I walked out of the hall, unable to take it anymore. Daggers puncturing through faces, fingers getting severed, wild dogs biting at crotches, knives and swords being thrown around at will..; I could not believe an ex-assassin leaving ‘The Table’, an international organization of hitmen (and hitwomen), would cause so much mayhem and insanity.

Moving around with a 14 million dollar bounty on his head from streets of New York to the desert of Morocco (apparently by a boat!!), John Wick (Keanu Reeves) for one doesn’t think of going in disguise. That helps every third person on the street recognise and attack him! Well that’s the only way this movie could have advanced. So causal is the violence component in this movie, that even in crowded places where a teacher is seen walking a bunch of kids, a body falling after another, isn’t ruffling any feathers. The passers-by aren’t even turning back to look at the commotion – I would not like to live in that world.

But then, for a generation of world population who thrive on WWE, MMA, UFC (If you haven’t heard these abbreviations before, trust me, you are living in a better world!) and violent video games like PUBG, no wonder John Wick 3 is smashing box office records. The movie has aplenty of eeeks and hide-eyes-behind-your-fingers moments. The fight scenes in a library, horse stable, knife shop or that excellent high octane bike chase sequence, stand out. But for how long can you tolerate senseless killings and one bunch of men coming after another, only to drop dead? With zero thrill, wafer thin script and no edge of the seat elements, this movie is strictly for viewers who love the sight of violence and killing. And ones who are extremely at home with complicated English terminologies being at thrown repeatedly.. like ex-communicado, deconsecrates and adjudicator. With that, I adjudicate my movie rating here below!

Rating: 2/5

In one scene, a character says “Art is pain, life is suffering”. For me, the movie was both painful and suffering. Thankfully, I can now preach non-violence without any sense of hypocrisy.

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