Movie Review: Dream Girl leaves you in splits; Best Dialogues

There is the Bachchan best movies series, the Govinda hits with David Dhawan and the SRK classics. Now there will the Ayushmann Khurrana six hits in a row sequence. His latest experiment with versatility, Dream Girl, is a laugh riot. Not Govinda, not Bachchan; no man has ever made audiences laugh as much dressed as a woman.

Aside our lead man, the support cast of Annu Kapoor (and his makeovers), Manjot Singh and Vijay Raaz have essayed important roles. There are many scenes that stick to the mind but three things I loved the most about Dream Girl were:

Celebration of the chowk! The neighbourhood market cum residential fulcrum of a small town – filled with odd shops, band baaja, eateries, bustling with people, fun and love. It was a delight to see people fall in love with a ‘chowk’.

– The two strong messages coming out from the movie. (A) Despite the ever growing population, Facebook and Instagram users, each and everyone is getting lonelier. (B) The fact that religion should not be taken too seriously and made root of every issue. I can’t tell more details as that would act as spoilers.

– Go watch the movie and enjoy all the dialogues.

Ayushmann & Annu Kapoor are superlative in Dream Girl

Best Dialogues of Dream Girl

(in chronological order)

  1. Raat Ko Colgate banega tab na subah log manjan karenge”
  2. Jise tu Taj Mahal samajh raha hai woh bhi kutab minar hi hai!”
  3. “Kaun sa Bhagwan raat ke do baje customer bulata hai?”
  4. “Jab shaadi ho jaaye na tab biwi ka dard shayari banke nikalte hai.”
  5. “Woh mardon ko isiliye hire karti hai taaki roz mardon ko gaali de sake.”
  6. “Aapko dilo jaan se itna chahta hoon soch raha hoon apna single bed hata kar, double bed laga loon.”
  7. “Policewaale agar kisiko ghus dene lag gaye to kaahe ke policewaala.”
  8. “Aap log jitne bhai behen hain, lagta nahi aas pass koi medical store hoga.”
  9. “Sakina nahi aa sakti woh Hajj pe Patiala gayee hai.”
  10. “Hello Mummy-Aunty Jee”
  11. “Saala time itna kharaab chal raha hai ki kutta bhi bhaukta hai to advise lagta hai.”
  12. “Mera boyfriend itna shareef hai ki smooch bhi maathe pe karta hai.”
  13. “Jaan se maarega? Arrey garibon ke Abhishek Bachchan..”
  14. “Itne maar khaye ho beta, ise jhagdaa nahi, pitai kahte hain.”
  15. “Bhai ye kaisi aurat hai? Har variety ke mard ko phansa rakhi hai.”
  16. “Duniya me jitni bheed badh rahi hai utna akelapan bhi badh raha hai.”
  17. “Aajkal family photo nahi li jaati, sirf selfie ke peeche log paagal hain.”

Rating: 4/5

Laughter is the toughest emotion to generate. No opportunity to laugh aloud for 135 mins can be missed in life. Go watch Dream Girl!

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