Movie Review: Mardaani 2 is a decent thriller relevant to the times

Globally in cinema, seldom does the immediate sequel (Part 2) match up to its original. Cinematically, Mardaani 2 also doesn’t match up to its prequel, which was a surprise hit. But it’s the relevance of the movie to modern times, the search for a solution (with a flailing law and order unable to give the woman a carefree mind outdoors and a patriarchal society unable to give her complete respect indoors; we, the viewers, desperately seek a solution from somewhere – could even be from Bollywood) and a decent storyline makes Mardaani 2 worth your ticket money.


The latest Bollywood release tries to track the same route that of its master. Mardaani had powerful performances, thrills, twists and an enterprising debutant villain. Vishal Jethwa in the latest edition is as menacing a fresh face as Tahir Bhasin was. It’s always good to watch real life villainous characters on screen as that educates viewers to stay more alert – that a cool dude guy sitting at a bar could be a human trafficker too, that an innocent looking juvenile offering lifts could be a murderous rapist too. The plot has adequate thrill, chase and edge of the seat moments to keep the viewer adequately engaged.


Where Mardaani 2 gets weak is in trying too much to piggy back on its master. Instead of the underdog Rani Mukherjee you rooted for in the previous edition, here the Superintendent of Police is more busy giving slow motion walks, uttering preachy lines and essaying care for colleagues … despite deadlines hanging over her head. Some of it, seems too true to believe. So too is the ultra convenient plot line. Just when you think tracing the killer will get tough, an easy evidence walks up to the cops. At times, even the killer is walking around the cop station…not impossible, but a lot unbelievable.

Rating: 3.5/5 (Sure good watch in a hall, but do not compare with Mardaani or with Article 15both of which I have watched thrice, including twice on television each)

Big messages from the movie

– Grow your sons well, most rapists are rapists because at a very young age they encouraged to disrespect women – sisters, mothers, maids, cousins, neighbours..
– Educate your girl with all possible ‘stay safe’ tips. No taking lifts, directions, drinks or chocolates from ‘friends’ they know nothing about.
– Walking in dark / dimly lit, lonely roads /alleys is not safe in any part of the world.
– Empower girls so that they don’t freeze in moment of trouble.
– Girls/ladies must keep house members aware of their co-ordinates all the times, including phone numbers and addresses of people they are spending many hours with.
– A hard fact of society now, as one dialogue in the movie says, “Its become more important to be famous these days, than be rich.”

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