Movie Review: Batting for IVF, Good Newwz delivers a great watch

The screening of Good Newwz in India started with an advertisement where Akshay Kumar requests a commoner to stop smoking and instead use that money to gift sanitary pads to his wife (a scene from Padman). 132 minutes later Akshay Kumar was involved in sending another strong message to India – that of not bowing to extreme pressure of family lineage and work towards producing a natural baby, when alternate methods like adoption and IVF are available. In between, the audience had a rip roaring laughter time!

The IVF process explained

It’s unique and commendable that director (and story writer) Raj Mehta manages to deliver a funny masala product out of a very sensitive subject. Enough efforts are made to teach the layman about the intricacies of the IVF process and its benefits. Year 2021 should see an upward baby boom swing in the IVF process… especially amongst Indians who are making Good Newwz a 100cr+ movie. Credibly, even the technicalities explained have funny lines inserted amongst them. Hence, the movie has a steady momentum and, aside from a brief period when some tear jerking elements are added, the punchlines come thick and fast. Particularly funny are the scenes involving all the lead characters.

Good performances

Akshay is the star; its good to see Kareena Kapoor’s commanding ‘Pooh’ attitude back on screen, Diljit Dosanjh is very likable as he delivers his best Bollywood performance, Adil Hussain shows the comic side of his versatility and Kiara Advani is cute. The scenes involving any three (or more) of these characters are the best of the movie. I felt a shade bad for Kiara Advani – probably the prettiest and hottest of the new generation actresses and yet – so early in her career, she was doing the role of a pregnant mother.

Family Entertainer

Despite the theme of the movie, it can be enjoyed with family. Akshay Kumar has now, over the years, built a reputation of delivering society impacting messages as well as mad caper comedies. Good Newwz combines both the traits and has been cleverly made such that if your teen child knows the details (of reproductive process) he/she will enjoy the movie. If the child is unaware, there won’t be too many questions in his/her mind and instead will laugh aloud on the comic scenes. The movie is rated U/A in India (an established matured country in the field of arts and cinema); NRIs need to check the rating given by their respective residing country authorities.

Rating: 4/5 (Averaged by eight members of my family ranging from ages 10 to 50). Don’t misjudge the rating for cinematic brilliance. This is a must watch for entertainment, a message and a good way to start year 2020.

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