Satiristic Review: Panga with Padma

In Panga, Kangana Ranaut is an unsettled, railway ticket issuing, mother. That’s an upgrade in her career that has moved from being moll of a Gangster to Queen of honeymooning alone to occasional weapon wielding fighter.

It’s all about Kangana

90% frames of Panga feature Kangana, her kurtis and her fight to abandon an entire family to play kabaddi. That is also an upgrade. In Tanu Weds Manu Returns she abandoned her UK settled, decent, patient, doctor husband only. Ever since, just to ensure my wife stays home, I have become indecent and impatient. After Panga am frequently checking with her, if she has any incomplete dream of leaving us all to play beyblade spinning tournament for India. Jai Hind.

Why Kabaddi, Why not Hrithik?

It’s difficult to criticize the Padma Shri 2020 award winner Kangana, lest she goes on yet another Judgementall rant. So Panga is ‘clean’ from any ‘nepotism’ actors. The talented cast consists of kabaddi coach Richa Chaddha continuing her paglaet, lathiya lines from Gangs of Wasseypur; a husband who can’t take care of basic house work and the world number one Indian kabaddi team captain who looks, let’s say, too pleasantly plump, for the role. At one point, I wished Kangana abandoned her family to run to Hrithik Roshan’s arms instead. Yet, I cannot criticize Kangana lest I be labelled anti-national and desh drohi by her fans. You can’t too.

Honest Rating: 3.75/5

First half is a drag, second half is tight, edgy and gripping. Megha Burman as Kangana’s junior really shines out. Our leading lady struts around with purpose and the game of kabaddi is explained so well, that you root for the team every minute. The middle class detailing – Bhopali jootis, luggage chain on train, helpful neighbors, occasional pizza delivery etc – is good. Recommended for one time watch.

One thought on “Satiristic Review: Panga with Padma

  1. Panga is definitely worth watching, a wonderful ode to mothers… and is very inspirational… loved every bit of the movie. A heartening story on never giving up on one’s dreams, told with conviction and coupled with powerful performance by Kangna is what makes the movie so endearing. Kudos to the director for taking up the subject.
    (a) The will to try (b) and the belief that it is actually possible — these are the only two things that one needs to accomplish one’s dreams!

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