Short Movie Review: Thappad is a thought provoking rap on a patriarchal world

It is utterly ironical that at the time the national capital, Delhi, is reeling under riots, vandalism and killings, the deep impacts of a slap is being discussed in the Taapsee Pannu starrer Thappad. Anubhav Sinha’s slow burning thriller focuses on the deep lying disrespect an average MCP (male chauvinistic pig) has towards a women, irrespective of variables like economic status, designation etc. Note the way a disrespecting man calls over his woman publicly, using his fingers. But is a Thappad (and no instant apology or sincere remorse) meaty enough to go for a divorce? At the end of the movie, two couples separate, the third one revolts and the fourth pair reconciles. What is the line, should we then draw at…? Should a woman then file for divorce after getting an abusive laden public scolding at a shopping mall?

Data says >60% couples have at least one spouse raising hand or publicly humiliating the other, in some frequency. That’s two out of the three friends you interacted today. Which brings to the other half… Thappad stresses only on the bad man (Gulshan Grover anyone :-)) bullying the sati savitri naari, not the reverse scenario. And even in that, despite legal wriggles and false accusations being poured, our sati savitri still dutifully visits her in-laws, at every call and every function. So Thappad has flaws, least of all it being 30 min too long, but it makes us introspect.

Honest Rating: 3.5/5

Taapsee is top draw despite being surrounded by sterling performances from Kumud Mishra, Ratna Pathak Shah and impactful cameos from the maid, the female lawyer (sorry, I could not extract their names from the internet) and Ankur Rathee. Take your daugher, sister, mother and maid to this movie. They need to know the lines where their self esteem is getting eroded. Take your son, father, brother and driver. That … ‘Just a slap’ … ‘par nahi maar sakta’; that ‘no means no’.

‘Har rishta flawed hota hai, usse jod ke rakhna padta hai..’
‘Jod ke rakhna padta matlab to woh tooti hui hai na?’