Short Movie Review: Onward is an emotional tale on sibling bonding

“I never had a dad but I always had you.”

Onward is a cute story about a young kid elf who misses his late father, but with time realizes that his elder brother gives him all the love, care, attention and training that his dad would have given. If your kids often fight with each other, this is the movie to take them. The 3D effects are minimal so its advised a 2D ticket is good enough.

Ian is so lonely, depressed and sad that he needs to make a resolution list to be more social, laugh more and try to find the real him. He is desperate to get his dad back to life and takes solace only from one old audio cassette tape to hear his dad’s voice. In contrast, Ian’s sibling Barley is effervescent, energetic and full of life. This is the base on which the story unfolds.

Onward’s best scenes feature the siblings.. a terrific chase sequence, one heart-stopping scene where the brothers need to cross a bottom less pit (on a canyon) and the best scene – when realization dawns Ian how much Barley loves him, gives him confidence, pushes him ahead, the pillow fights and the driving lessons.

On the flip side, this Walt Disney & Pixar Animation product, directed by Don Scanlon, has its share of inconsistencies. Some of the humour is forced upon (the reincarnated father who now exists only from waist down, the cop with a horse butt) and the dragon in the climax is a mismatch. The flaws are made up by the family bonding related emotional content that solely make it worth taking your kids to the movie hall.

Honest Rating: 4/5

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