Short Movie Review: Guilty is guilty of over complication and confusion

Guilty (Netflix) is guilty of over complication and confusion. The film that was marketed (by Karan Johar’s Dharmatic) as a Talvar style ‘what exactly happenned’ drama, takes the downward spiral to utter mess within an hour into the movie. The neo-noir style of film making with dark lighting, new characters in every scene, frequent flashback and forth, works, only when the script is taut, characters are well etched and casting is fitting the role. Not the case with Guilty.

It takes you a good half hour to realize the investigator is actually the lawyer of the accused. Then Kiara Advani is given maximum screen space and is shown fighting random illusions, childhood molestation, memory issues and key person to a #MeToo accused rape incident. That’s too much characterization for a newbie actress to handle and Kiara is no Alia Bhatt. At the end you neither feel for any of the characters nor can you see logic in the climax.

The two hard hitting messages I got from the movie are for society to ponder:

  1. That a flamboyant extrovert guy is always one in ‘demand’ whereas a flamboyant extrovert girl is always considered an ‘easy rider’!
  2. When Dalip Tahil says ‘I am on the verge of firing all the female interns’ .. due to complexities of #MeToo.

    For the best movie on #MeToo, watch only Article 375.

Rating: 2/5

3 thoughts on “Short Movie Review: Guilty is guilty of over complication and confusion

  1. Interesting . Only this morning I included “Guilty” in the List for watching on Netflix , hooked as I am to murder mysteries and thrillers . I will still watch it , though a bit crestfallen after reading your negative review of it !

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  2. Very bad movie. The film tries to portray western values on sexuality between male and female students of a University. The film glorifies consensual sex between boys and girls as acceptable while it goes on to criminalize Rapes. If Boys and girls studying in a University, are led to believe that there is nothing wrong in premarital sex, then do not grieve over sexual misbehavior and resultant rapes.


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