13 thoughts on “NRI Watch: Settling back in India – Good Bad or Ugly

  1. As a Singaporean, I just want to highlight that we are not a perfect country. Our strict laws might not appeal to you but that’s the way it has worked. There are pockets of racist behaviour but its not systemic or widespread. We are far more liberal and welcoming than we were before and we are getting better every day. And our education system is certainly better than India’s, let’s not be disingenuous about that.

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    1. Hi Michael thank you for reading my blog and expressing your opinion. In India we have been brought up with free speech, freedom of expression and respecting others opinion. So I respect yours.


  2. Whenever I meet foreigners at work they like to exaggerate about how great India is, so I ask them if India is so great then why are you here? I like to commend that you have at least honestly pointed out the flaws in your own country.

    I’ve noticed many foreigners either have low EQ or start to take their lives for granted here in Singapore. The freedom of speech point is so true, I feel most foreigners are not suited to our culture and ways especially those who come from a third world country, have a hard time adjusting to our way of life. We have freedom of speech just that we don’t allow freedom of speech without personal responsibility.

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    1. The above assessment is wrong as per me. Specially Indians are overtly loyal and praiseworthy of sg and since the freedom of speech is missing in sg, they can’t and won’t ever say a word against sg; but openly mock India and always paint its flaws. Even for 10yrs all my blogs and posts spoke of how sg is best country in the world, till I saw the ugly side.

      Foreigners come to sg as sg invites them promising more money, safer and slicker lifestyle. So people see that as dream move and Indians look at it as permanent settlement option. sg grants chinese students PR and then citizenship within 2yrs of completing course. So clearly sg needs and wants expats and desperate to do the ethnic cleansing. The Chinese percentage has risen from 65% to 76% now.

      Laws are strict but same strict laws in Middle East countries are called extreme fanatical and fundamentalist. They aren’t called safe countries when they are equally safe. So sg does have a lot of hype and marketing around it. During Covid extreme stress Aus Brits Malays Indians Americans have been snatched their work permits and asked to leave forever as they were out of home roaming somewhere. That is grossly extreme with disproportionate punishment and has nothing to do with safety.

      Even in Covid sg was in a hurry to declare itself as gold standard. Then numbers came and it is double worse that the worst Indian city around that population mark. Despite all the riches, neat, clean, rich people country.

      You did mention about education but I used to feel pained when 10-12-14yrs olds I would see in sg riding 9pm home in bus totally jaded and stressed. The class division basis marks. Denying degree education. There are many flaws. Which is precisely the reason expats are invited in buckets.

      Anyways.. thanks a lot for responding .. and it’s a good discussion and always nice to be part of a mature one.


  3. The Chinese population has always been about 70% in Singapore so I don’t know where you got those numbers. As for granting PRs, I’m against this whole concept. I think Singapore needs to adopt a similar rule to the Middle East or Japan. We should stop the foreign invasion that is diluting our culture and clamp down on free passes. I’ve seen people from India get PR within a month or two. I know this because the guy kept boasting about it. This idiot couldn’t even draft an email.

    Education in Singapore is slowly being reformed but at the expense of quality I feel; something that I’m not too happy about. Actually education in Singapore today is a lot more lenient than it was in my time. In my days, there was the streaming system that was very harsh. At 9 years old if you fall in the monolingual stream, you cannot go to a secondary school, you end up becoming a cleaner or driver. Polys and Unis were very hard to get into, the standard has certainly dropped. Today while the syllabus is more gruelling, entry to higher places of learning is relatively easy.

    As for foreigners losing jobs, what do you expect us to do? When things go bad, companies have to lay off people. It’s not like only Singapore companies are doing it. So foreigners who are a liability will go first. There’s no free lunch.

    Hindsight is 20-20. Some things were done well to prevent the spread of COVID-19 while there were some lapses, many things were well handled than the rest of the world. For example, we were one of the first countries in the world to ban travelers from China, much at the dismay of the Chinese government. We can’t be compared with India, we have one of the world’s busiest air traffic routes and transits. And to make it worse, our transient population of foreign worker is crazy! Again this proves my point that we need to systematically eliminate the reliance on foreign workers. The problem was worsened by the presence of these workers, and in the long they proved to be more expensive for us.


    1. What sg is today, is majorly because of its expat policy. Ditto dubai and many others nations. Expats have been invited & are not a liability. That is not a correct way to look at expats. sg itself is a country majorly of immigrants. Very few people are originally born there.

      And yes a lot of what is told internally is marketing like busiest traffic etc. just like gold standard of Covid etc etc..In terms of volumes.. it is nothing but a small (important) city with riches and facilities which is easy to control and manage and yet fails on some counts.

      The job loss is expected but the instances I mentioned taking away work permit etc for unrelated to work reasons is grossly extremist, disproportionate and wrong.

      Ps: But at the end of the discussion you justify everything… you feel foreigners are liability and must be chased out etc. so really my original expectations of discussion with a matured global citizen has changed a notch now.


      1. “What sg is today, is majorly because of its expat policy. Ditto dubai and many others nations. Expats have been invited & are not a liability. That is not a correct way to look at expats. sg itself is a country majorly of immigrants. Very few people are originally born there.”

        Looks like you are not very familiar with our history, please don’t make up deceitful lies. First of all we were a country of immigrants back from 1850s to 1940s. When WW2 came about many Indians, eurasians and others packed up and left, later on more left after the Indian Independence, a large number of Chinese and and a small number of Indians stayed back and settled here. These are the core Singaporeans together with the Malay indigenous people that build the nation. There were no expats whatsoever, especially not from India. We had a very strict policy to not allow foreigners to come in from 1965 onwards, we had big problems with the communists from the north amongst many other issues, our country didn’t need any ‘expat’ as we were a manufacturing hub mainly in the 1970s. Only until the 90s we saw some positions taken by foreigners in our economy but those were specialized posts, manufacturing jobs started to be filled by Malaysians but Singaporeans held the top positions. Then in 2003 onwards, our gov dropped the ball and opened up the country to foreigners with the invasion of 40% of foreigners. What happened next is the collapse of our structures, MRTs started to fail, quality of life went down.

        I think globalisation is a scam but that’s another discussion. I think not all foreigners are a liability but we’ve certainly opened our doors to mediocrity and we need to clamp down on this erosion of quality. I rather have a small population with a high quality populace as we originally were in the 70s & 80s. I’m sorry if you can’t accept my views but as a citizen I have rights how my country is governed and shaped, you can’t call me immature because of that. Or are you so entitled to think a foreigner deserves a place here by default? How is that fair to us?


      2. Disagree. And have nothing to add to my previous comments above. Don’t really have the time to change what has been brainwashed into you. As I said education system there robotizes people and do expats will keep coming.


    2. People from India getting a PR within a month and can’t draft an email? Really? You are a lying troll and this statement right here is a dead giveaway. If you are interested in the truth beyond the gibberish you read in the alternative media like hardware zone, then do sign up on the Singapore expats group. They have an entire sub forum dedicated to immigration matters, mainly foreigners trying to get PRs and citizenship. You can browse through and decide for yourself whether the nonsense that you heard from the ah beng at your coffee shop is true or not. Also which ethnicity and nationality gets their PR easily.


  4. Avijit, you seem to have moved to a condo in Navi Mumbai… From what I gathered from your article. What kind of work are you doing there? How do sustain in terms of income?

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