Movie Review: Master (Tamil) is the return of the megastars & crowds to halls

It’s Vijay vs Vijay. There are fight sequences in the pouring rain, on the highway, inside a police station, an eatery, a reformatory home, a college, on the roads, in godowns, hideouts and wherever you may please. Punches land, kicks fly, men rotate in the air, crash land on concrete, as the high tempo music goes on. Master, more than anything, is the return of the megastars, the masala, the songs, the dancing, the crowds and the entertainment, back into movie halls.

At 179 minutes running time (clearly 45 mins too long), a predictable plot that has the camera fixated on every Vijay move – fingers cracking to dance moves emanating – devoid of emotion, family drama or romance; Master is your average all-action Kollywood flick. Yet it answers dreams of most fans and cinema hall owners. Master is going to be the catalyst to crowds returning to halls after horrible times. The movie has also been released on Amazon Prime Video OTT platform.

For Vijay Joseph fans, they are going to be the more pleased lot. Our man is in terrific form as he enjoys the lenses on him, from start to finish, bustling with energy. Watch when he starts dancing amidst a fight, or amidst a song. The frequently sloshed college professor in him is tasked to reform a juvenile home. Only to find out that the juveniles have been turned to anti-socials, drug addicts and used as pawns to extend their stay. Lawlessness rules these homes. If Hotstar’s Criminal Justice web series scares the hell out of you for jail life, this movie shows reformatory homes at its worst.

Vijay Sethupathi is the antagonist who controls this den – how I wish he took up the cricketer Muttiah Muralidharan role – and plays the second lead in Master. Trust both the Vijays to never disappoint. This movie is strictly for fans of these two megastars and action fan seekers who are missing the movie halls. Lokesh Kanagaraj’s capture of the dark environment, juvenile home and overall settings are excellent, making it a product worth visit to the big screen.

Rating: 3/5

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