Movie Review: Drishyam 2 is good, but not as great as its classic prequel

By the time this blog goes live, all fans of Malayalam cinema and all Indian movie connoisseurs may have watched Drishyam 2 and spent the following days, recommending to friends. This blog is for ones who haven’t watched this thriller or even its prequel. As a preparation, I revisited the original Drishyam (Malayalam) all over again to familiarize myself with the character, settings, thrill and tension. It was time well spent. Drishyam (Part 1) is a must must watch.

Then I switched to the sequel, which is just released on Amazon Prime Video, only to see a surpise twist in story that we had known so far in the prequel. Everything about Drishyam 2 is a continuation – of the same story, thrill, tension and settings. That ‘faith in brand Drishyam‘ keeps you hooked to the first 60 min of the movie which otherwise is slow, flat and introduces too many characters. At times unconvincing too – the same cast who bounced off fear to escape by skin of the teeth in the prequel, have now become extremely meek, fearful and shiver even at the sound or sight of a police jeep. Those same neighbours who stood by the family once, now spend their entire gossip time, spreading rumours about the Kutty family and their ladies – admittedly a fair reflection of society under normal circumstances.

It is post the 60 min mark that the movie rises with some unforeseeable twists and hooks the viewer to the edge of the seat. The next hour is the most exhilarating part of Drishyam 2, where one moment you think the protagonist’s game is over and yet you have belief that George Kutty must have kept something up his sleeve. Mounted on the lush green forests, hills and fields of Kerala, the movie is a complete visual delight. Small aspects like expressions of the characters in guilt or in belief, are well captured too.

Unfortunately the ending is a bit complicated and unconvincing; and since comparisons with the ending of Drishyam are inevitable, this time director Jeetu Joseph doesn’t match up to those levels. Since I cannot divulge the key details, I leave it for you to watch and decide. Superstar Mohanlal and rest of the cast are good but I must admit, I enjoyed re-watching the prequel (for the fourth time) more, than watching it’s sequel for the first time.

Rating: 3.25/5 (One time watch recommended)

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